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Back to the Beginning, and Back to Basics

Like most people who discover something they are passionate about, I tend to jump right in and want to do it all RIGHT AWAY. I must LEARN it, DO it and MASTER it - and I need all that immediately. If I don't actually have the tools to learn on, I study YouTube tutorials until I do have them. When I decided to try spinning, I sped over to my local yarn store and purchased a drop spindle and some fiber. I hated that drop spindle. And the fiber, because I was a newbie, was cheap and very hard to spin. I managed to produce some nasty thick and thin fuzzy coiled up rope on that spindle. It's a miracle I kept going with it, but I'm so glad I did.

Instagram was a huge source of inspiration and is where I first discovered supported spindles. Then Turkish spindles caught my eye. Eventually someone directed to me Ravelry and I became a 'Spindle Candy Stalker'. I know you know what I mean.

The obsession only grew from there. I purchased my first spinning wheel on OfferUp, a Schacht Ladybug that I immediately fell in love with. I also learned that fiber matters as much as the tool it's being spun on and discovered Nest Fiber Studio, Inglenook Fibers, Wound Up Fibers and several other very talented fiber dyers.

When I originally started this blog I intended to write reviews on my fiber tools, then got sidetracked by said tools. Well, I'm back. I am going to write those reviews, for the most part in chronological order so that the evolution of what I started on and what I'm using now will make some modicum of sense. My journey has not been cheap, and things would have been easier if I had been able to try before buying. BUT, I live in Arizona and that just isn't possible. These reviews will be 100% honest so that hopefully you can skip the painful buying and destashing headache and just get what you need from the get go, or avoid things you don't need.

Below are some pics of a few of my first spindles and that adorable Schacht Ladybug. Also, some of my first yarn, which I was terribly embarrassed by because it was chunky. Ewwww. Now it's all I strive for.

Up next: Mingo Asho Glasspins and Stephen Willette Glass Spindles

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