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That Very First Godforsaken Drop Spindle

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Knitting is amazing. Once you get into a groove with your pattern and can see the shapes and textures taking form, it's heaven. An item is created that can be used by you or your loved ones for years to come. So why on earth did I decide to set aside the beautiful Pressed Flowers shawl that I was knitting to pick up a drop spindle and wool? Who. Freaking. Knows. Temporary insanity? Self loathing? All I do know is that thing was so maddening. There is a reason why the damn things are called drop spindles too. Can you guess? Because you drop them. Not on purpose, no, just when you think you're getting your drafting down you drop them. And they roll! So here I am watching YouTubers give me step by step instructions on how to spin and draft, except I'm spending more time and energy running all over my living room bent over chasing down my runaway drop spindle. My husband saw this and asked "What the hell are you doing?" When I told him, bless his heart he's a fixer, he got his laptop and started researching spinning wheels. But, that is for another day. This post is about this drop spindle, maker unknown, and the love-hate relationship I have with it. I have other spindles now, many types and sizes, but this drop spindle will go down in my own history as the gateway drug. It was only $5. It was easy to acquire. If you are into spinning on spindles, you know what I mean when I say this little bastard completely misled me into thinking it would always be so simple! Some spindles are absolutely impossible to get your hands on, people collect and hoard them, and only if you are lucky enough to be on Ravelry when a destash is posted will you ever have a chance. But also, this topic of the strange spindle cults is something we will discuss another day.

I have spent countless hours on my front porch spinning and drafting, and yes, chasing this spindle around. I wanted to write about it because I don't love it. But it led me to a world of spinning wheels and fancy support spindles and Turkish spindles, and even some drop spindles that I have loved more than anything I've ever done in my life. Spinning makes my heart sing, makes my worries go away, and gives me a feeling of accomplishment when my girls get big and fat with fiber. And spinners? Let me tell you, these crazy ladies ARE. MY. PEOPLE. I love you all. I have never met any of you in person, but I feel such a strong connection to each and every one of you and am cheering you on and drooling all over your lovely Instagram posts daily. Mwah!!!

This is the beautiful Pressed Flowers shawl I was working on, which sadly has not seen any progress since mid-November 2020 when I delved into this new addiction of spinning. I will finish her someday.

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