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The Tree Frog Spin

I don't care what the fiber looks like, if it is multicolored there is no way to predict exactly how it's going to look when it's been spun and plied into yarn. If I spin it and you spin it and our friend Lori spins it, all three of us will end up with something different.

When I chose this fiber from Created By Elsie B, it was because of the contrast between the bright orange-reds and the teal blue. Her fiber is one of my favorites, the colors are always vibrant and the fiber itself spins up nice and smooth.

I decided to do this spin on my John Galen Designs drop spindles, made in Tucson by John Gudenkauf. The hummingbird is a one of a kind vintage timepiece, but the others in this spin are available on his website and he leaves a little room for customization so you can choose your shaft color. Regardless of which one you choose, they are all balanced and fast. Can't decide which one or have questions? Email him! Like most makers, he wants you to get exactly what you're looking for and to enjoy spinning on it.

Don't know exactly how to use a drop spindle? Watch this short video to see how I spin on mine. I am no expert by any means, and like a stated in my video- no one asked! LOL. But, in my journey I have found it extremely helpful to see how other spinners spin. So enjoy!

How you organize your fiber, or even if you choose to do so at all, will have a huge impact on how your colors flow. For this spin, I chose to pull the braid into thin strips and spin from one end to the other without shortening them. As the fiber strips finished, I started in the same order with the next strip. You can break the braid down differently, or even blend the colors on a blending board, but I wanted to keep the colors crisp and reduce the amount of joins I had to do.

Once I finished my spin, I placed these girls in plastic cups to ply because I don't have a Lazy Kate for my drop spindles yet. My husband, aka McDreamy, is currently working on some designs but none are ready so for now, we use cups! I plied these babies onto a bobbin with my Athena Capricorn Owl spinning wheel and then wound off of the bobbin onto my Niddy Noddy.

The final yarn is beautiful! Balanced and consistent and the colors compliment each other nicely.

Fiber used in this spin is called Tree Frog and can be purchased at

Spindles can be purchased at

If you are interested in learning how to spin, what fiber to spin, or anything fiber related, my beautiful friend Ashley Flagg is an instructor with years of experience and is a wealth of knowledge. She can be reached on Instagram at @artemis4242

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