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The Magical Artists behind Inglenook Fibers

Updated: Mar 29

As I have been meandering my way through this spinning journey, I have discovered a lot of spindles and fibers that I just really LOVE. I have also discovered that pairing certain spindles with certain fibers makes for some amazing yarn. For instance, I love to spin Nest Fiber Superwash Merino on my John Galen Designs spindles. The two seem to be made for each other. But there is that other fiber, you know, the fiber magically dyed in a convent by two amazing women known as Inglenook Fibers. I had ordered many times from them in the past, but it wasn't until I approached Macrina about participating in an upcoming giveaway my BFF Lori and I had planned with Allen Berry that I discovered these two artists are actually nuns in the Greek Orthodox Church! Even having belonged to the Greek Orthodox Church years ago I was shocked to learn how much artistic freedom these lovely ladies have to create and contribute, not only to their church, but to an entire community of fiber artists. I had originally wanted to do an interview style post about them but after reading their own 'About Us' page on their website I realized there wasn't much for me to add. Instead, here is a link so that you can visit their site and learn more about Macrina & Stephie and where this scrumptious fiber comes from. If you haven't yet, I hope you have an opportunity to chat with them - they are true gems.

Macrina & Stephie

If you would like to purchase fiber from Inglenook Fibers, visit You can also follow them on Instagram @inglenookfibers to see what they are up to and watch for their shop updates.

If you would like to contact Allen Berry to order a custom hand carved spindle, you can reach him on instagram @allenrberry and ask him to add you to his list!

I recently managed to snap up a Watercolor Spring Set, a whopping 11.5oz of Organic Polwarth & Tussah Silk. Let me just say, it is divine. I chose one of the braids and selected my Allen Berry Shamrock and Kiwi Bird drops for this spin. Then I plied them together on my Ashford Kiwi spinning wheel and ended up with 200 yards of beautiful luxe yarn. It went by way too fast.

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